"Living in Your Love" Alma Rivera (ASCAP) Felicia Barton, Loren Barton

You are the one true God
I put my hope in you alone
nothing can change my love for you

Here in your Presence I'm made new

Livin' in your love
Livin' in your love

Your plans for me
they bring me peace
I know you're everywhere that I go
you comfort me
when I'm in need
You're with me everywhere that I go

And everyday with you I'll go
Your word is the light that Guides my soul

Nothing can make me walk away
with you are beside me I will stay
Livin' in your Love
Livin' in your Love

I trust in you
Only you
You're with me
Everywhere there I go

You'll never leave
when I in need
you're with me
Everywhere there I go

//Oh oh oh oh oh
Livin in your Love//