Worship training

Back in 2002, I founded a worship School in Mexico called "CEDEM"  We had two campuses with  200 +  students learning no just how to play an instrument but to become worshipers. 

Leading worship is not about how great you can sing o how great you can play your instrument. It's about to bring people into the place you were before Sunday. In your house, with your family. (behind the scenes.) 

Is in my heart to train worshipers, be a mentor, be an instructor. share my 15 years experience leading worship and traveling internationally. 

Worship is not entertainment a lot of people get confused with talent and anointing. 

During  the training 1 on 1 or worship team  you will have sessions like:

  • The character of a worshiper 
  • How to develop your talents 
  • Worship vs entertainment 
  • Being authentic 
  • Worship Starts in your living room or closet. 
  • Worship leaders and social media  
  • Worship is not about music  

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