Revival meetings filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to bring salvation, healing , deliverance and ignite people to occupy; through worship, the word of God and impartation.

Miracles took place under the tent and one 85-year-old woman who had suffered a stroke had a withered hand and could not extend it for nearly a dozen years. She got healed and started running around the Big tent

 God moved in a supernatural way, Miracles, salvations, entire families came to receive Christ, unity among church denominations were present and the young and old found freedom and hope in Christ. 

Diversity among races were present and even those struggling with alcohol, addiction and a recent prostitute heard the Gospel message and received the grace of God and after one sermon became a child of God. 

Nightly as Alma preached the Gospel when she extended an altar call for souls to respond to Christ many didn’t walk but often ran to the front. 

Reports of testimonies are still flooding in daily of what God did in that week. 

Alma & Rich will bring “THE PURSUIT” to every city in America and around the world . 

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